Swami Namam
AzhwAr emperumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigale SaraNam
jeeyar thiruvadigalE saranam
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History of the mutt
Mutt Deity
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Sri Vanamamalai Mutt

Head Quarters - Nanguneri - 627108; Phone: 04635-250159; 04635-250119 (office); Fax: 04635-250636

Branches: Chennai - 3, East Tank Square Street, Triplicane, Chennai 600005;
Phone: 2844 3208


A Mutt is a very auspicious place where the religious head stays and guides the innocent people. In general sanyasis (one who is in the fourth ashrama according to the vedas) stay in a mutt. Though according to sAmAnya dharma (general rule)sanyasis are not supposed to have any particular place of existance and are supposed to roam from one place to another it is different for vaishnava sanyasis (exceptions) who have taken up sanyasa not due to mere vairakhyam (hatred towards the wordly pleasures) but for a purpose of bhagavat kainkaryam (service to the lord) and uplifting humanity (to show the path to moksha).

Mostly the Srivaishnava mutts are located near a divyadesam (the main mutt) founded inorder to take care of the divine service to the lord in that temple. Vanamamamalai or thOthAdri mutt is a very old mutt that was founded as per the orders of Swamy manavala mAmunikal by Sri ponnadikkal Jeeyer in the divine place vanamamalai otherwise called thothAdri or nAnguneri.

Today the branches of this mutt is spread all over india and disciples throughout the world.In this section we will know more about the History of the mutt, Significance, Deity in the mutt, the divyadesams under the mutt control and also about the services rendered by the mutt in detail.


HH Sri Vanamamalai Kaliyan Ramanuja Jeeyer Swamy